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5 moments to change the world


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) majority of infections are preventable, and hand hygiene is the most fundamental technique in preventing infection. The importance of hand hygiene is amplified throughout the health care system, as 7 out of 100 hospitalised patients will contract a healthcare associated infection. Most commonly caused by health care workers WHO have created the ‘5 Moments’ that require essential hand hygiene to reduce healthcare related infections. These are:

5 moments to clean hands

1. Before touching a patient

2. Before clean and aseptic procedures

3. After contact with body fluids

4. After touching a patient

5. After touching patient surroundings

Hand Hygiene can be easily achieved, by prioritising clean hands. With running water nail cleaning brushes are essential tools in removing debris from under fingernails in hand preparation before and after surgery, by providing a more thorough clean.1

Nail Scrub Brush

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