Plastic Tray Tags: For Colourful Communication

Plastic Tray Tags help to keep everyone up to speed when trays are flying between hospital departments. These durable tags attach securely to mesh instrument trays for quick and easy colour-coded identification and also provide a flat surface to affix barcodes. Our range of plastic tray tags from Key Surgical are available in a variety of colours and sizes, and two fixation styles - with a built-in clip or with holes for affixing with fasterners or rings.


Clip-On Tags

- Built-in clip on the back makes it easy to attach and remove

- Available in 9 different colours and 4 different sizes


Tag with Holes

- Can be attached using cable ties, rings, clips or silicone stoppers

- Available in 9 different colours and 2 different sizes. Other sizes and shapes also available on request.