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Full colour brochure range & company product overview for quick reference!

Our Company Product Overview is available as a single downloadable PDF which is a quick snapshot of the product ranges we have availble or to view overview of specific ranges, click on the approriate brochure below.

Company Overview 2017

Elite Medical Company Product Overview

This brochure is an overview of the products available from Elite to suit your application—whether that be in an operating theatre, C.S.S.D., day surgery, clinic or specialist’s room.

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Sieger Disposable Diathermy Forceps Brochure

Sieger Disposable Diathermy Forceps & Cables

Our complete range of bipolar and monopolar forceps is sure to include what you are looking for. With convient single-use solutions in patterns suitable for a wide number of procedures from orthopaedics to neurosurgery, phthalmology and plastics through to ear, nose and throat.

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Action Pressure Management 2015

Action Pressure Management

For over 30 years, Action has been the preferred choice for Pressure Reducing pads for many Hospitals and Theatres both her in Australia and across the world. Elite Medical are the certified Australian Distributor of these pads and also offer complimentary inservice education to your staff.

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Prima Electrosurgery Front Page

Prima Disposable Diathermy Electrodes

The diathermy electrode range from Elite Medical consists of high quality single-use devices fro a variety of surgical procedures. They are designed and manufactured as a result of the demands of leading surgeons and specialists, ensuring clinical performance.

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Cleaning Brush Solutions Front Page

Cleaning Brush Solutions

As surgical instruments become smaller and more advanced, the range of specialty cleaning brushes required to clean these instruments needs to expand to ensure effect cleaning. The comprehensive range at Elite Medical covers almost every size and enables the correct brush to be used everytime.

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Gynaecology Solutions

This catalogue is an overview of our range of surgical instruments and consumables specifically for Gynaecology, Urology and Obstetrics—whether that be in an operating theatre, day surgery clinic or specialist’s room.

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Lap Consumables Front Page

Laparoscopic Consumables

The Laparoscopic Consumables range from Elite Medical consiststs of high quality single-use devices for laparosocpic applications. Devices are manufactured from a close collaboration between leading surgeons and specialists, ensuring clinical approval and excellence.

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Endo Brushes Cat Front Page

Endoscopic Cleaning Brushes

Endoscopic equipment is sensitve and expensive. Selecting the right endscope cleaning brush is critical to ensure safe and effective cleaning. Only perfectly sized brushes adequatley remove debis and guarantee optimum endoscopy function. Wire ends on channel brushes have plastic tips to prevent endoscope damage.

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RU Diathermy Front Page

Reusable Diathermy Forceps, Cables & Adaptors

This range consists of high quality reusable Bipolar & Monopolar instruments suitable for a wide variety of surgical procedures. Based on the requires of leading surgeons and specialists, these instruments are designed and manufactured for optimal clinic performance.

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FO Cables Front Page

Fibre Optic Cables

Use of the highest grade fibre optic componenets ensures each cable offeres optimal performance. Each cable i shigh temperature xenon compatible, rated to the highest level of thermal resistance and tested to assure the highest light output possible.

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SI Cat Front Page

Surgical Instruments

As surgery progresses and more advanced techniques are developed, the range of surgical instruments required to perform those procedures is constantly growing. With access to over 12500 different patterns and sizes of surgical instruments, sourced directly from manufacturers in Germany, Elite Medical is able to fulfil all your instrumentation requirements.

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