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Complete CSSD Range Now Available: 1,500+ New Products Added


More than 1,500+ new CSSD products from Key Surgical | Clinipak | Interlock – available in Australia from Elite Medical

Action® FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions - Action® Pressure Management & Positioning Pads

Spooky Surgical Instruments


20 Old School Surgical Instruments

Take Your Towel to the Beach, Not to the O.R.


How EcoDri-Safe Fluid Absorbsion Rolls are your O.R. Floor Fluid Managment Solution

We've Got Our Ducks in a Row


Quality Reusable Insulated Speculums

LLETZ Talk Specs


Disposable PELIspec Speculums

The Manufacturer, The Product & The Charity

Can We Fix It? Yes, We Can!


Repairing Action® Positioning Pads

If Your O.R. Could Have Nothing Else


Action® – Essentials in Pressure Management & Patient Positioning

Sharp as a Tac


Supercut Scissors - What are they and exactly what makes them 'Super'

Lady with the Lamp


Florence Nightingale - The Mother of Modern Medicine

12 Interesting Facts

Have a Nice Trip?


Stop Trips with Trip Stop.

Gently Does It


CSSD - Manual Cleaning of Delicate Instruments (Particularly with Channels & Lumens)

Bye-Bye Bioburden


CSSD - Manual Cleaning of Orthopaedic Instruments & Tough Stains

Safe & Affordable Smoke-Free Surgery with SuperVac


Safe and Affordable Smoke-Free Surgery with SuperVac

Introducing the new innovative Macroseal Vessel Sealing Forceps


Introducing the new innovative Macroseal Vessel Sealing Forceps

The Benefits of Using Disposable Non-Stick Bipolar Forceps


The Benefits of Using Disposable Non-Stick Bipolar Forceps

Pressure injury prevention and management with ACTION


Though they’re a common issue for older people, any patient can develop pressure sores very quickly if they remain in the same position for too long. And the skin damage caused by pressure injuries is difficult to treat, heals slowly, and can lead to serious complications. It’s easy to see why pressure injury management has become a critical requirement of modern hospital protocols.

Tips for preventing musculoskeletal injuries in the OR


Musculoskeletal disorders are one of the top three biggest safety issues for healthcare professionals working in the Operating Room.

Sharps injury prevention – what you can do


Sharps or needlestick injuries are a significant occupational health and safety hazard for Australian healthcare workers. Elite Medical can assist with sharps injury prevention practices that help reduce the incidence of these injuries in the operating room.

WARNING: Are you putting your patients at risk?


The use of saline bags to position patients during surgery has become common practice throughout Australia. However, using saline bags for this purpose can cause more harm than good and can be extremely dangerous.

5 moments to change the world


According to the World Health Organisation (WHO) majority of infections are preventable, and hand hygiene is the most fundamental technique in preventing infection.  

No mother should die while giving a life!


The Zonta Club of Brisbane recently held their annual Zonta Birthing Kit Project Day, in order to provide expecting mothers in remote communities a clean birth, and hopefully save lives.

Are you using the correct brush?


Are you using the correct brush?

Different cleaning tasks require different cleaning tools so it’s important to pick the right brush for the job at hand.

Never Event Protection | Time Out


Globally, wrong-site, wrong-patient, wrong-procedure surgery occurs approximately 50 times per week.

In 72% of cases, there was no TIME OUT.

Ergonomic Workplace Safety | Reduce Slips, Trips & Falls


18% of workplace injury claims in the health care profession were for slips, trips and falls.

Same level falls like slips and trips account for 65% of all fall related injuries.

Ergonomic Work Place Safety | Minimise Muscular Strain

How to minimise muscular strain:
1. Slide, don’t lift
2. Watch your position
3. Use anti-fatigue techniques and equipment

Ergonomic Work Place Safety | Musculoskeletal Disorders


In Australia, 52% of workplace injury compensation claims in the healthcare profession  were a form of musculoskeletal disorder.

Sharps Injury Prevention | Safe Use of Sharps


The CDC has discovered that 40% of sharps injuries occur during use of a sharp device on a patient, making it crucial that safety measures are put in place. 

Sharps Injury Prevention | Safe Placement & Removal of Sharps


The Royal College of Surgeons and A.C.O.R.N. recommend use of a neutral zone or hands-free transfer for the safe placement and removal of sharps.

Sharps Injury Prevention | The Problem


What is a sharps injury?

Accidental exposure to blood & body fluids due to sharps injuries continues to be a serious problem in healthcare, especially in the surgical setting!

Most Common Injuries in Heath & Community Services


In Australia, the health and community services sector has the highest incidence of injury claims sitting at 14% which is higher than 'all other industries' (12.7%). Out of all injuries within the health and community services industry 52% occurred as a result of muscle-stress and 18% were due to slips, trips and falls. 

Welcome to the Elite Medical Online!


It's easier than ever to order whatever you need, any time you want. 

Action Repair Quiz


How should you repair an ACTION® Pressure Protection Pad?

Fulfilling our promise


On April 3rd, a Father of two was admitted to his local ICU experiencing a potentially fatal asthma attack.

Operation Smile


This month we at Elite Medical wanted to shine the light on some of the amazing work that is going on in our community at the moment.

Inhalation Sedation – AnaConDa is Here!


The AnaConDa (Anaesthetic Conserving Device) is a single use delivery system for the volatile anaesthetic agents Isoflurane and Sevoflurane for mechanically ventilated patients. This enables inhalation sedation to be performed with ease and simplicity anywhere.

Elite Medical now stocking Sandel products


Used to collect fluids and to keep the floor dry to minimise instances of slips, trips and falls. Drifloor improves the efficiency of clean-up and reduces costly turnaround time.

Lion LED Headlight


The Lion Headlight is an anatomically designed, single fit device that provides wireless high intensity LED light with unparalleled battery life, this is further enhanced by a quick release battery change feature providing near continuous use.

Non-Stick Laparoscopic Electrodes


PRIMA Non-Stick Laparoscopic Electrodes offer faster, cleaner and safer procedures during laparoscopic surgery.

Guarantee you are paying the right price


It’s easy to guarantee you are paying the right price.

Committed to Customer Support


At Elite our number one aim is to help our customers, if that means fixing, servicing or something as simple as sending a customer in the right direction we are happy to do so.