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Action® FAQ


Action® Pressure Management & Positioning Pads –

Frequently Asked Questions

Action Table Pad

By now, we would hope you would be familiar with the unique benefits of the Action® range of Positioning Pad, however being unique, leads to many questions from cleaning and disinfecting, to storage and handling. You asked, so we've answered.

Q: Are Action® Pads Reusable, and How Do I Clean Them?

A: Yes, they are reusable and cleaning and disinfecting is simple. Click on this link to view the instructions.


Q: What happens if the pad is punctured? Will the contents leak? Can damage be repaired?

A: Action® pads do not contain any liquid or gel that will leak if punctured removing the risk of patient burns. Minor damage can be repaired with the Action® repair patches. Click this link to learn more.


Q: The pads feels cold, can I warm them?

A: Yes, and they can also be cooled. Click this link to see parameters, methods and limitations.


Q: Are Action® pads safe to use in electrosurgical procedures?

A: Yes, most definitely. Action® pads are non-conductive and the range we currently carry is specifically designed to be used in the operating theatre with pads to suit many different procedure specific patient positions. Click this link to read more.


Q: Are there any studies supporting the effectiveness and unique differences of Action® versus other comparable products?

A: Yes! There is indeed a unique science behind the construction of Action® pads and the benefits that they provide. Click this link to view the studies.


We welcome any questions you may have, please comment below!

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