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If Your O.R. Could Have Nothing Else


If Your O.R. Could Have Nothing Else

Action® – Essentials in Pressure Management & Patient Positioning


Lets talk patient positioning and preventing pressure injuries.

“The goal of the surgical position is to provide optimal visualization of, and access to, the surgical site that causes the least physiological compromise of the patient, while also protecting the skin and joints.”1

Specific goals of correct positioning include:

- Minimal interference with respirations and circulation

- Minimizing exposure of the body

- Protecting the anatomical structures of the patient’s body, including skin, muscles, nerves, extremities, and spine

- Promoting access to IV sites for administration of medications, fluids, and anaesthetic agents

The Action® range has a pad or positioner to suit virtually every patient position on the operating table. Whilst there are many other positioning devices and pads available on the market, the Action® range - with its unique clinical benefits - continues to be the market leader. We understand you have budgets to adhere to, so if your O.R. could have nothing else, consider the Action Essential Value range. Here are our top six most popular products for your convenience.



To learn more about the Action range, please contact us, there are also several clinical studies available for your reference.

Don’t leave it too late, it’ll be June 30th before you know it!

1 Association of Surgical Technologists Standards of Practice for Surgical Positioning

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