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Bye-Bye Bioburden


Bye-Bye Bioburden


How annoying is it trying to get the gunk off an Acetabular Bone Reamer?!

The semicircular, disco ball looking instrument, will most likely arrive to CSD with caked on nasties, especially in the cutting holes. Wouldn’t it be good to have an all-in-one brush to really give this thing a good scrubbing?

Well, thanks to our friends at Key Surgical, I’m pleased to present to you… The Acetabular Reamer Brush. Double-ended with rigid nylon bristles, one end for the inside and outside and the other for getting into those cutting holes making sure every nook and cranny are bioburden free.

Acetabular Reamer Cleaning Brush

Speaking of Key Surgical, I’m not sure if you know, but they are one of our favourite suppliers. Not only for their cool products (have you checked out their universal scissors?), but for their dedication in sharing up to date industry knowledge and resources on their website for everyone’s benefit. Check it out when you have a minute or two.

Our Logistics Manager particularly loves their quick turnaround times allowing us to get the goods to you when you need them. We recently ordered some of the Extra Firm Toothbrush Style Cleaning Brushes and were immediately excited to share the news with you. The bristles are made from extra strong nylon and with a little elbow grease, will really assist you with shifting stubborn bioburden making these brushes perfect for cleaning robust Orthopaedic Instruments! And if you prefer not to use Stainless Steel bristles on your Instruments the smaller toothbrush would be ideal.

So go on, make your life a little easier and contact us for a free sample.

Happy Scrubbing!

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