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We've Got Our Ducks in a Row


We’ve Got Our Ducks in a Row

Reusable Insulated Speculums


When it comes to Reusable Diathermy Instruments, the Insulation is the most critical quality to the performance of the instrumentation. It is inevitable that Reusable Instruments will eventually wear and need to be replaced but we’ve found the most common complaint from our customers is premature insulation failure (i.e. bubbling). At Elite, one of our core values is ‘Continuous Improvement’ and so, we have partnered with Novo Surgical (USA) to provide a range of Insulated Speculums which supersede the quality of many others currently available on the Australian market.

Of course, you could avoid these issues entirely by swapping to Single Use Speculums but we understand that some Surgeons prefer to stick to what they know best, and hey, that’s great too! Lucky our Reusables are validated for a minimum of 20 reprocesses and are covered under warranty.

 Novo Graves Spec

Commonly known as Duck-Billed Speculums, or just Duck-Bills, our speculums feature a smooth, durable, non-conductive nylon coating specifically for LEEP, LLETZ and other electrosurgical ob-gyn procedures which are sure to exceed your quality requirements.


Peruse the range or contact us for further information today.

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