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Introducing the new innovative Macroseal Vessel Sealing Forceps


Introducing the new innovative Macroseal Vessel Sealing Forceps


It’s been over 90 years since Dr Cushing performed the first surgical procedure with Dr Bovie’s new electrosurgical generator, and during that time, the basic set-up required has remained much the same, particularly in the design of diathermy forceps. While there have been many incremental improvements that have improved safety and efficiency, electrosurgical forcep development has largely relied on materials available to surgeons at the time. The story goes that the design of the common US-Style 2-pin forceps connection is a spin-off from surgeons using electric shaver cords to make the first Bipolar Cables.


Over the last five years, the research and development team at Prima Medical have studied common surgeon frustrations with current electrosurgical forceps and looked at innovative ways to overcome these using modern manufacturing methods and techniques. The result of this research and development is the new Macroseal Vessel Sealing Forceps… the first electrosurgical forceps designed and engineered from the ground up!

Here is a brief overview of the main features and benefits:


Hand-Switching rather than Foot-SwitchingNoFootSwtiches

Electrosurgical footswitches are a trip hazard and the O.R. staffmust manually move the footswitch to the position the surgeon requires during surgery which causes unwanted delays during a procedure. With Macroseal Vessel Sealing Forceps the cumbersome footswitch is redundant, as they are completely hand activated.


No Risk of Burns from Insulation FailureNoBurns

Many cases have documented injuries to both patient and surgeon whilst using traditional monopolar forceps. This is as a result of insulation failure, capacitive coupling or direct coupling, when high-frequency current flows into the non-targeted organs through the monopolar forceps. Macroseal Vessel Sealing Forceps have a unique patented design that uses a plastic body, as opposed to coated metal, so there is no risk of burns from insulation failure.


Non-Stick (PTFE Coated) Tips Prevent Tissue AdherenceNonStickTips

Sticking and charring are common procedure problems that affect traditional electrosurgical forceps. In certain situations, the tips of the forceps generate a significant amount of heat while coagulation is being performed which causes the tips to adhere to and even tear blood vessels and tissue. The tips of the Macroseal Vessel Sealing Forceps are manufactured from a unique alloy which draws heat away from the tips, preventing heat buildup. The tips are also coated with PTFE (Teflon) which minimises eschar buildup and tissue adherence. The overall result is cleaner, faster, more efficient surgery without the need to remove eschar buildup from the forcep tips.


Smoke Evacuation Option AvailableSmokeEvac

With the dangers of surgical smoke well documented, the challenge has been to design and manufacture medical devices that effectively remove surgical smoke, without being awkward for the surgeon to use. Macroseal Vessel Sealing Forceps with smoke evacuation are the world’s first electrosurgery forceps to offer smoke evacuation integral to the device. Perfectly balanced with flexible smoke tubing, the ergonomic Macroseal Vessel Sealing Forceps with smoke evacuation allow for fast, decisive, smoke free surgery.


For further information on the Macroseal range, or to organise a trial at your facility,

please contact the team at Elite Medical.


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