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Safe & Affordable Smoke-Free Surgery with SuperVac


Safe and Affordable Smoke-Free Surgery with SuperVac

It is well established that health professionals in the perioperative environment, in particular nurses and anesthetists, are routinely exposed to surgical smoke and its hazardous chemical components which can result in acute respiratory illness. Despite this, research indicates that perioperative staff inconsistently comply with smoke evacuation recommendations.1

According to Ball, one of the greatest barriers to implementing smoke evacuation practices was the unavailability of smoke evacuation equipment, and surgeons refusing to use smoke evacuation devices.2

While many medical device companies are currently marketing and supplying smoke evacuation pencils and devices in Australia, generally these are existing designs that have been modified to include a smoke evacuation function, resulting in a product that can be bulky, cumbersome and expensive.

SuperVac Pencil

Recognising the need for an ergonomic and affordable smoke evacuation pencil that surgeons will want to use, Prima Medical have designed and developed the all-new SuperVac Smoke Evacuation Fingerswitch Pencil that incorporates variable length technology.

Features include:

• Compact, lightweight and comfortable design. Surgeon are willing to use the product, even for long cases.
• Unique and patented “floating buttons” which allow the working length to be extended from 20mm to 85mm. This allows greater reach during surgery (particularly in cavities) without having to change electrodes or attach additional components.
• Flexible and memory-free smoke tubing, with swivel connection.
• Available with a variety of styles of electrode, including non-stick blade electrodes, tungsten needle electrodes and ceramic blade electrodes. Saves the need to purchase additional expensive electrodes to suit surgeon preference.

For safe, affordable, smoke-free surgery in your theatre, consider using SuperVac Smoke Evacuation Fingerswitch Pencil.

For further information on the Supervac, or to organise a trial at your facility,
please contact the team at Elite Medical.


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2. Ball, K. Compliance with surgical smoke evacuation guidelines: implications for practice. AORN J 2010;92(2):142-149.

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