KLARO™ In Vivo Surgical Lighting Device w/ 4 Retractor Loops (Sterile)

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A Revolutionary Surgical Lighting Solution: KLARO™ In Vivo Surgical Lighting Device

KLARO™ is a highly versatile in vivo surgical lighting device that solves the challenges posed by current conventional lighting modalities.

Watch this video to find out more:

Product features:

Adjustable Illumination: Choose from four lighting intensity levels to optimally illuminate deep surgical cavities 

Wide-angle Lighting: When unbent: ~155° of illumination; when bent: up to ~ 340° of illumination

Small and Unobtrusive: A light strip diameter of 4.6 mm ensures an easy fit in small, tight surgical cavities 

Safe Working Temperature: Maintains a safe working temperature under 38°C / 100.4°F within the surgical cavity at any lighting intensity 

Hands-free: The device clips onto surgical drapes or is placed on the surgical trolley during use 

Cordless Convenience: Portable and lightweight with no wires to restrict movement

Sterile, Single Use: Supplied sterile hence eliminating the risk of contamination 

Long Battery Life: 4-hour lifespan with an integrated low-battery indicator (< 15 minutes left) 

Ease of Use: Hassle-free set-up, operated with just a button push

KLARO™ can be easily secured onto any surgical retractor using our retractor loops

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