UriCap™ Female+ Device (Box of 10)

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Box: 10 units
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UriCap™ Female connects to a standard urine drainage bag, preventing direct urine contact with the skin and reducing the risk of irritation, a common concern among patients. UriCap™ Female offers a comfortable and convenient solution, ideal for bedridden patients or women living with urinary incontinence.

Benefits for the Caregiver: 

  • Applied easily without glue or suction
  • Supports sustainability
  • Reduces catheter use days
  • Uses standard drainage bag
  • Minimises risks for patients and staff
  • Enables non-invasive urine output monitoring, and sampling

Benefits for the Patient: 

  • Safe, soft, and comfortable
  • Changed daily – hospital, LTC, or home
  • Promotes uninterrupted sleep
  • Maintains dry skin
  • Requires no tape, glue, or suction
  • Prevents odors and maintains hygiene

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