CathGrip® Extra Small Tube Securement Device (Single Strap, Non-Sterile)

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Box: 30 units
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CathGrip® is the universal securement device for tubing 6-42 Fr. The device is made from our proprietary hydrocolloid that is skin-friendly, not made with natural rubber latex, and moves like a second skin with a wear time of up to 7 days!

Our skin-friendly adhesive helps prevent skin tearing and irritation, unlike other acrylic-based securement devices. With soft no-slips grips that secure tubes from 6-42 Fr. and three sizing options for the hydrocolloid base. 

Product Information:

  • Hydrocolloid is a skin-friendly material that moves with the body
  • Single Strap
  • Extra Small
  • Non-Sterile

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