“We believe there is always a better way.”

For over 30 years, Elite Medical has stood for people and products of the highest quality to continually supply great value instruments and consumables for health service providers. We keep it simple giving the best quality, life-saving instruments, combined with responsive time-saving service. 

While we are not the largest supplier or owned by a multi-national, we are an Australian family-owned business successfully providing the Australian Medical Industry. We know that we can make a difference, so we strive to achieve our partners' goals and dreams #becausewecare.


Why Elite Medical

With our focus on continuous improvement, we look after our customers seeking long-term partnerships, to conduct every transaction with honesty and transparencystanding accountable to our stakeholders and ourselves for best results.

Regardless of the size of your business or annual spend, our support will always be second to none, and you will always have a dedicated account manager to support you.

Simply order online, give us a call or join our subscription service. Speak to your account manager for more details. 


Our Values

Integrity - We conduct every transaction with honesty and transparency, standing accountable to our stakeholders and ourselves for best results.

Customer Focus - We recognise that our customers are the reason for our success, and we seek long-term partnerships that are mutually beneficial.

Teamwork - We know that together we can make a difference, and so we promote a safe and supportive atmosphere that allows each of us to achieve our full potential, while providing quality of life for both ourselves and our families.

Continuous Improvement - With a focus on quality, and an entrepreneurial spirit, we continuously move forward through the improvement of our products, processes and people.