Men's Liberty™ (External Male Catheters with Urine Collection Pouch)

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Box: 30 units
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Men's Liberty is the innovative alternative to traditional external male catheters. As an external device, it is applied just once a day. This discreet, one-size-fits-most option manages men’s urinary incontinence in a safe, way that keeps you dry 24/7. More than 5 million units have been used.


Product Information: 

  • External design
  • Fits most male anatomy
  • Keeps men dry & comfortable
  • The average wear time of up to 24 hours per unit
  • 240ml urine collection pouch empties easily
  • Replaces pads, condom catheters and medically unnecessary Foley catheters
  • Connects directly to a leg bag or bed bag for extended or overnight use

Pack Includes:

  • 01 BioPlus+™ No-Sting Barrier Film wipe 

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