EpiSpin CSE Set, 18G x 90mm (27G x 136mm Sprotte® Tip)

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Box: 10 units
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EpiSpin CSE Sets are combined spinal epidural kit for paraspinal anaesthesia designed with a unique locking system that stabilises the Sprotte® needle during anaesthetic injection and reduces the risk of needle displacement.

The atraumatic needle tip design of the Sprotte® needle allows for smooth spinal puncture while minimising needle tip damage through the back-eye opening on the Tuohy needle.

Product Information:

  • Tuohy Tip 18G x 90mm with back-eye
  • Sprotte® Tip 27G x 136mm
  • Catheter 20G x 90cm


*Note: Elite Medical is the exclusive distributor for PAJUNK® in Queensland, Australia. We are authorised to sell this product in Queensland only. For further inquiries, please contact us at sales@elitemedical.com.au or 1 800 354 836.


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