SonoLong Echo Set with Tuohy Tip (50mm LGTH)

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Box: 10 units
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SonoLong Echo Sets with Tuohy Tips are equipped with integrated stainless steel helical coils and Cornerstone Reflectors for improved visibility under ultrasound monitoring and are suitable for long-term treatment in pain therapy and nerve blocks.

The catheter material is characterized by its flexibility and improved echogenicity and is supported by a metal spring.

Product Information:

  • Sono Tuohy Tip 18G x 50mm
  • Echo Catheter 20G x 50cm with Central Eye
  • Adaptor, Filter
  • FixoLong 

*Note: Elite Medical is the exclusive distributor for PAJUNK® in Queensland, Australia. We are authorised to sell this product in Queensland only. For further inquiries, please contact us at or 1 800 354 836.

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