Care and Use Guide for ACTION®

At Elite Medical, we are committed to assisting healthcare facilities improve patient outcomes, by supplying products that we believe are essential in the preoperative, perioperative and postoperative phases of a patient’s journey. We want to help end users understand the benefits of caring for and using the products to their full potential, to increase its lifespan.

Some of our top care tips for the Action® Patient Positioning Device range are:

  • Prevent contact with any sharp objects, items or edges likely to cut, tear, puncture or otherwise compromise the product.
  • Do not expose product to direct or indirect sunlight.
  • Inspect product after each use, if any damage is found, we can assist with repair advice*
  • Clean product after each use. Avoid alcohol based or strong undiluted disinfectants to prevent hardening of product.
  • If using product beneath a sheet, ensure there are no wrinkles, to assist in even distribution of pressure and heat.
  • Fully support products using two hands or the cradling method during transport. Avoid lifting or carrying product by corners or edges to protect film surface from tears.
  • Products are best stored flat. Avoid stacking and piling where possible.

Our Team also offer in-servicing in the instance that you would like assistance in educating staff about the care and usage, or the opportunity to earn CPD points.

If you are currently using Action® Patient Positioning Devices, we offer auditing of current stock as well as information on repairing minor damage to increase lifespan.

View our range of Patient Positioning Devices here.