Monopolar or Bipolar

The difference between Monopolar and Bipolar Electrosurgical Devices.

Monopolar and bipolar electrosurgery are two commonly used techniques in the medical field. Understanding the differences between the two can help healthcare professionals choose the right devices for their surgical procedures.

In monopolar electrosurgery, a current passes from the active electrode, such as a finger switch pencil, through the patient's body to the target lesion. The current then exits the patient via a return electrode, typically a return pad. This technique is often used for various surgical procedures.

On the other hand, bipolar electrosurgery involves both the active electrode and return electrode functions being performed at the site of surgery. This technique is commonly seen with forceps, where the tips of the forceps grasp the tissue and complete the circuit.

The choice between monopolar and bipolar electrosurgery depends on the specific surgical procedure being performed. To cater to different needs, we offer a range of electrosurgical devices.

Our Sieger Blue® Forceps are available in both monopolar and bipolar configurations, allowing you to choose the most suitable option. For Neuro, ENT, and Spinal Surgery, we recommend our Sieger Non-Stick® Forceps, which are specifically designed for bipolar electrosurgery. Additionally, our Gen2® by Sieger Forceps are designed with 40% less moulded plastic, offering a more efficient and environmentally friendly option.

For monopolar electrosurgery, our Fingerswitch Pencils are ideal. These pencils allow for both cutting and coagulation, with interchangeable tips to suit different procedures. We also offer Fingerswitch Pencils with Smoke Evacuation capabilities for added convenience.

To further enhance your surgical toolkit, our range includes Non-Stick Blade Electrodes, Needle Electrodes, Lletz Loop Electrodes, Ball Electrodes, and Cotswold Microdissection Needles. Each of these devices are available in different sizes and styles to meet the specific requirements of your procedures.

To explore our range, please visit our website. If you have any questions or need further information, our customer service team is ready to assist you. Contact us at (07) 3899 1300 or email