Jansen Bayonet Bipolar Forceps (1.0mm Non-Stick Tip X 220mm LGTH)

Sieger Non-Stick®SKU: 100-185-221000NS

Box: 10 units
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Sieger Non-Stick® Jansen Bayonet disposable bipolar forceps are highly accurate and reliable for ENT procedures. 

These Jansen Bayonet bipolar forceps distinguish themselves by having a unique bio-compatible silver alloy tip coating that diverts heat quickly from the tips, preventing localised tissue adhesion, requiring less cleaning during surgery and reducing the overall amount of toxic surgical smoke.

Our single-use, sterile Jansen Bayonet bipolar forceps are crafted with the highest quality; they handle and perform as reusable instruments without the costs associated with CSSD procedures or the contamination risks.

Product Information:

  • Non-Stick bio-compatible silver alloy tip coating 
  • Smooth tip
  • Forceps size 220mm
  • Tip size 1.0mm 
  • Bipolar cable, pre-attached
  • Sterile, single-use

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